Movie Review: Agent Sai Srinivas

2 hrs 28m | Crime Thriller | 2019-06-21

Naveen Polishetty, Shruti Sharma and others

Director - Swaroop RSJ
Producer - Rahul Yadav Nakka
Banner - Swadharm Entertainment
Music - Mark Robin

Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya grabbed attention with its impressive trailer. The film lives up to the promise and delivers an engaging crime mystery with a charming performance from its lead actor.

What is it about?

Sai Srinivas Atreya (Naveen) is a private detective who is looking for a big case to become famous. He comes across the case of unidentified deaths that are increasing in number. He comes to know about a young lady who was raped and brutally murdered. Atreya jumps into solve the case knowing little about what is in store for him.


Naveen Polishetty who did a few web series and small characters before has played the lead role in this. It is a very challenging character that is not easy to pull off. Despite his inexperience Naveen does a fabulous job as the leading man. Most of the supporting cast are newcomers or lesser known actors including Shruti Sharma. Everyone besides Naveen has come up with average of mediocre performances.


Swaroop RSJ picked up an interesting crime that was never touched in cinema. He has woven an engaging screenplay to make it an engaging murder mystery. The screenplay is complex enough to keep the viewers hooked and guessing all the way. There are a few ups and downs in the narration and a bit of lag in between. Barring few weaknesses, it is a fairly decent job from the young filmmaker.

Background score is engaging and on the mark all through. Camera work is not great but okay. Editing could have been better. The film's runtime is not ideal for the genre. A bit of trimming would have made it even more engaging. Production values are decent, but some money should have been spent on the supporting cast.

Thumbs Up:

Mystery element

Atreya characterization

Second half

Thumbs Down:

Excessive runtime

Lags here and there


Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya opens on a funny note with the lead character looking like a clown in the crime scene. Despite being a rookie and appearing a bit comedic, Atreya is intelligent enough to piece the evidences together to solve any crime. He along with his female assistant, Atreya waits for a big case that could make him famous. Finally, he finds one, but things go out of hands as he is dealing with criminals that are hardcore and powerful enough to frame him.

As Atreya tries to solve the mystery everything points to an unidentified death on a railway track. Now Atreya starts digging into it and he becomes the prime target for the mysterious criminals. Atreya uncovers some shocking truths about the unidentified deaths, which also affected him personally. How does Atreya and his team finds out the real culprits behind the crimes in an elaborate and engaging fashion forms crux of the story.

This genre has been explored before, but not enough due to the complexity involved. The director is successful in finding the right crime for his script and he has woven a very engaging screenplay around it with a charming lead character. There is a shade of Chantabbai and Sherlock Holmes in the characterization of Atreya. It is a mix of both. Entire story revolves around Atreya and Naveen has done a wonderful job in holding it together.

There is a lot of time spent on the buildup before Atreya finds the right case. It turns out a bit boring in the beginning, but the second half is paced better with thrilling sequences and an unpredictable villain. The crime itself is given a lot of space to be explained. There are a few lags in between that could have been avoided. On a whole, Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya is an engaging mystery that keeps you guessing and interested for its most part.

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