Kalki Movie Review

2 Hrs 22 m | Thriller | 2019-06-28

Rajasekhar, Adah Sharma, Rahul Ramakrishna, Asutosh Rana, Nandita Swetha and others

Director - Prashanth Varma
Producer - C. Kalyan
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Music - Shravan Bharadwaj

Kalki is an investigative thriller set in eighties. It has an intriguing setting and interesting characters, but director Prashanth Varma fails in execution.

What is it about?

A journalist (Rahul Ramakrishna) is curious about the history of a feudal village named Kollapur. As he digs into the details of the village a man named Sekhar Babu (Siddhu) gets killed and an IPS officer Kalki (Rajasekhar) comes there to find who is behind it. He finds out there is more to it than one murder and soon Kalki is under attack by a bunch of masked killers.    


Rajasekhar is good in the investigation scenes, but he looked very old and pale with so much makeup. There is a lot of heroism compared to his previous film Garuda Vega, where he had stick to the character. Adah Sharma has a limited role to play and she looked beautiful in saris. Rahul Ramakrishna gets a lengthy role and he did justice to it. Nandita Swetha is good in an important character. Asutosh Rana looked menacing as the feudal lord.


Director Prashanth Varma has once again relied upon a subject full of twists. He has a good visual sense, but overindulgence of style is killing the content in his films (first outing is 'Awe). He has made sure to present the film is a slick and stylish manner, but couldn't make it an engaging film despite fine setting.

Background score is captivating in many scenes. It has elevated many scenes to another level. Cinematography is another asset as the cinematographer did a great job in maintaining the eerie mood all through. Editing is not up to the mark. Production values are superb.

Thumbs Up:

Climax portions

Initial setting

Background score

Thumbs Down:

Investigation process

Love episodes

Looks like Prashanth Varma is caught in two minds dealing with Kalki especially after his previous film Awe getting lukewarm response on the commercial front. This time he tried to make a movie that caters to the majority audience and also has his innovative style of presentation. The director clearly lost the plot in this confusion and didn't know where to start and what to do with the characters that he has written.

Kalki has so much going on without getting into the actual plot, which gets revealed only in the penultimate sequences. It starts off on a very interesting note and quickly loses steam as the protagonist gets into investigative mode. Director tried to keep the audience engaged with fake scares and forced laughs as the investigation process lacked fizz. There is also an unnecessary romance thread that is introduced into the film out of nowhere.

The sequences between Adah Sharma and Rajasekhar doesn't add any value to the story, instead they come as a speed bump when the story gets to the thick of the things. It is pretty evident that the director is simply passing off time to hold back the key twists for the final portions. The slow-mo action sequences will bore the viewers to death as they are overused. There is a pointless item song that can be edited out whenever wanted.

Kalki's final portions are interesting, but it is hard to keep the viewers invested in the movie till that point. It has some fine technical values and good twists, but also there is a lot of nonsense that makes it a tedious watch. Kalki is definitely not a worthy follow up for Garuda Vega.

Verdict: Pulpy!