IT Companies hiring cheer girls to entertain male staff

IT Companies hiring cheer girls to entertain male staff

China is undoubtedly the global super power that has taken the world by storm with its path breaking development in the technology and manufacturing sector. Most of the companies in China follow strict discipline to raise quality and efficiency in its products and its employees.

What an innovative Chinese internet firm implemented in a bid to raise its staff's efficiency will excite everyone. The company roped in three hot cheer girls to excite and entertain its male employees and thus improve their work efficiency. Even more interesting fact is that these cheer girls are also talented programmers.

The cheer girls would talk to the male staff, jam with them in music sessions and even play ping-pong during work hours and ease the boys from work tensions and help the rejuvenate. Within a quick time, the usually dull and non-socializing male staff started to open up and interacted freely with the girls and worked with an extra zing, which finally resulted in an overall improvement of their work efficiency by more than 50%.

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