Well! Its just a break, not a breakup

Well! Its just a break, not a breakup

Virat Kohli can cut, drive, pull or hook any ball. But, he can also do that with rumours. This was revealed recently when he attended a cozy dinner with his girl friend and actor Anushka Sharma.

Virat has now gone innovative way. The other day, he wore a Tee Shirt that had "We were on a break" printed on it.

His romantic linkage with Anushka has been a grist of the rumour mills for quite sometime. There was also a talk that the two had broken off. But, through his Tee Shirt, Virat has said it loud and clear that the love birds had not broken off, but had only a short break. It also meant that they are back together.

Well! one only hopes the couple wouldn't take another break in the coming days.

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