Bithiri Sathi - The Youtube Sensation

Bithiri Sathi - The Youtube Sensation

Bithiri Sathi is not just the poster boy of parody among Telangana TV audiences, but he is also a sensation on YouTube with lakhs of views for all his satirical and spoof videos.

Sathi picks up hot and trending topics to take potshots at politicians, film stars and makes sure that both criticism and fun quotient in his videos are in equal proportions.

Also known as Chevella Ravi Kumar, Bithiri Sathi tickles the funny bones of his viewers in a typical avatar wearing a long knicker, a loose shirt with flowery designs and his trademark histrionics and Telangana accent.

There is no exaggeration in saying that lakhs of viewers glue themselves to TV sets for this stand-up comedian's show on a popular news channel from Telangana.

Such is Bithiri Sathi's popularity that people were even expecting to see a satirical video on KCR's outrageously expensive new palace, which also boasts a bulletproof bathroom.

However, Bithiri Sathi conveniently ignored to rake up KCR's palace issue and this didn't go down well with many of his fans, who felt that Sathi should have voiced his comments without being biased towards the state's chief minister.

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