A Street Named After Jayalalithaa in US

A Street Named After Jayalalithaa in US

Honors for late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa are pouring down not just from all the corners of India. In its effort to pay homage to one of the finest leaders, a street in the United States has now been named after Jayalalithaa.

The Illinois Governor has made an official announcement that a Street, which also is the meeting point of Chicago Way Avenue, Devon Avenue and North Sheridan, had been rechristened after the 6-time Tamil Nadu CM. Illinois Senator Howard W Kerol has reportedly persuaded the authorities to bestow this honor upon Jayalalithaa.

It may be noted that a police station, specifically for women, was also set up in Illinois, inspired from what Jaya had done in Tamil Nadu. It seems that her inspiring leadership and the schemes introduced by her to serve the poor continue to inspire the leaders across the world.

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