Barkha Dutt Quits NDTV

Barkha Dutt Quits NDTV

Noted journalist and TV presenter Barkha Dutt has quit NDTV after 21 years long stint in the channel. 45-year-old Barkha has quit as Consulting Editor with the channel and she said it in a series of Tweets on Sunday.

Barkha also announced that she'd be starting her new venture. "Its been a super ride at NDTV but new beginning in 2017. I shall be moving on from NDTV to explore new opportunities & my own ventures!," wrote Barkha taking many by surprise.

She added that she is hugely excited to start New Year on a new slate, diversify her interests & build her own independent projects.

Barkha's resignation came just two months after Aranb Goswani resigned to Times Now (rival to NDTV) and announced his new venture Republic.

A few Twitterati asked Barkha on what's next - 'anti-Republic'?. Both Barkha and Arnab had crossed swords with words over various issues related to nation before both quit their positions.

NDTV Statement on Barkha's Resignation

In 1995, Barkha Dutt joined NDTV straight out of college, and now, after 21 wonderful years together, Barkha has requested that she would like to explore some new opportunities, pursue other interests and work on her own ventures.

In all her years with NDTV, she has been hugely productive and has grown with the organisation, becoming an acclaimed, award-winning journalist of repute across India and many parts of the world. We are certain that Barkha will go from strength to strength and NDTV wishes her all the very best.