Aadhaar Holding NRIs May Face Legal Action?

Aadhaar Holding NRIs May Face Legal Action?

The revelations of UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) CEO Dr. Ajay Bhushan Pandey in a recent interview have hinted that the NRIs holding Aadhaar cards might get in trouble with the Indian law.

Indian govt. is making huge efforts to link Aadhaar with all the govt. schemes. As the NRIs need Aadhaar to send money to their family members back in India and for other needs, some have acquired the govt. issued cards. But, do the NRIs really need Aadhaar? Are they eligible to acquire Aadhaar?

Answering these questions, Pandey said that the 'For Indians Only' clause in the Aadhaar application itself implies that NRIs are ineligible. "Those NRIs possessing Aadhaar must have got the cards through illegitimate means as the regulations refrain authorities from legally issuing Aadhaar to them," he added.

Pandey however said that it is in the discretion of Indian govt. to whether take legal action against those NRIs having Aadhaar or not. 'Whatever I have said is according to the regulations prescribed in Aadhaar Act," he said.

As there is no regulation in the Act like Aadhaar is mandatory for NRIs, the govt. must either exempt them or make alternative provisions for them to avail Bank, Railway and other services, opined Pandey.

It may be noted that Indian govt. has recently instructed that every person must link his Aadhaar with PAN Card by June 30. The govt. also made Aadhaar mandatory to book train tickets. The govt. hasn't mentioned whether the same rules apply to NRIs or not.