'Will launch nuclear strike on China if Trump orders it'

'Will launch nuclear strike on China if Trump orders it'

A senior US military officer on Thursday revealed that the Pacific fleet is on standby mode and can launch nuclear strikes against China on President Donald Trump's call. The strikes may happen in the next week if at all ordered by Trump.

Adm. Scott Swift also warned the military servicemen of ever thinking to shift their loyalty from American President Trump as they took oath to defend the constitution and stand against the enemies of the US. Be it foreign or domestic, enemies are enemies and obeying the commands of the superiors is what the military men are expected to do, he added.

The remarks came in after a US-Australian joint military exercise and just when Trump announced that he will reinstate a ban on transgenders taking part in the military.

The decision of Trump to remove transgenders will reject about 6000 troops from transgenders.

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