Trump to Host Diwali Dinner for Indian-American Community

Trump to Host Diwali Dinner for Indian-American Community

Continuing the Obama-era tradition, the US President Donald Trump is gearing up to host a dinner party for 200 Indian-Americans on the occasion of Diwali festival. The bash will be held at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue. This is the first Diwali in the White House after Trump became the President.

Diwali dinner was first hosted for Indian-American community by former President Barack Obama in 2009. The White House Diwali celebration has since become an annual affair.

In June, Trump infamously ended the decades-long White House tradition of celebrating Eid (Ramadan) with an 'iftar' dinner. Hence, the Indian-American community had some apprehensions whether the Diwali dinner too would be canceled. Trump however decided to continue this tradition.

The Indian-American community hopes that Trump will address visa-related issues with community members during the dinner. The community also hopes Trump will consider their request that he address a rally in Chicago for about 15,000 Indian-Americans.

The Diwali dinner is being described by some political analysts as a strategical move of Trump govt. to ease the Indian-American community's fears about the President's call for a stricter visa regime.

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