Heavy Security Arrangements at Paritala Wedding

Heavy Security Arrangements at Paritala Wedding

Tight security arrangements have been made at Venkatapuram in Ananthapur for Paritala Sriram's Wedding as CMs of both the Telugu state are attending the wedding ceremony.

As per reports, the two CMs will separately reach Puttaparthi by flight and then will go to Venkatapuram by respective helicopters. Two helipads have been arranged for this purpose. Besides the CMs, Cabinet Ministers of the two Telugu states, several MPs and MLAs are also attending the ceremony.

Telangana and AP Intelligence department officials are overseeing the security arrangements at the wedding considering the high profile VVIPs in attendance. Ananthapur district collector and SP are assisting them. As many as 1700 police personnel have been deployed for the security. A huge number of followers of Paritala family have also thronged to Venkatapuram since morning. A total of 3 lakh people are expected to attend the wedding.

Sriram is son of late TDP leader Paritala Ravi and Minister Paritala Sunita. He is reportedly planning to contest the upcoming Assembly elections.

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