Pawan's Dynasty Politics Comment: Naidu Speaks Out

Pawan's Dynasty Politics Comment: Naidu Speaks Out

Some powerful lines on dynasty politics from Pawan Kalyan's hard hitting speech at his Vizag meeting the other day, had impact on many political leaders while the Janasena chief's prime target remained YS Jagan. YSRC sent it's loud mouth Roja to counter Pawan's statements on Jagan and she questioned who Pawan Kalyan would be if he is not Chiranjeevi's brother.

Not just the YSRC leaders, here comes the Srikakulam TDP MP Ram Mohan Naidu who came into direct politics and won as an MP after his father Yerram Naidu's sudden demise in a road accident.

Responding to the comments made by Pawan kalyan, the young TDP MP stated that he did not just become MP using the name of his father, but been in opposition for more than 18 months, did cycle yatra, ensured to know the problems of public in the constituency.

Ram Mohan says that he is not against dynasty politics, but one has to prove their ability. Ram Mohan believes that not just his father's name, but also his ability to serve public and people's trust on him to continue the legacy built by his father, made him their leader. The TDP MP finally agreed with Pawan kalyan in a way that dynasty politics may give a chance once, but one can't keep the power given by public unless he proves himself next time.

Dec 08, 2017 చెల్లెలు ఏడ్చింది.. సినిమా హిట్టవుతుందా? టాలీవుడ్లో పెద్ద ఫ్యామిలీ నుంచి వచ్చి కూడా హీరోగా నిలదొక్కుకోలేకపోయిన నటుడు సుమంత్. రామ్ గోపాల్ వర్మ లాంటి పెద్ద దర్శకుడు మంచి ఫ… View Full Article

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