Trivikram's Punch to YS Jagan?

Trivikram's Punch to YS Jagan?

Writer-director Trivikram Srinivas is called the 'wizard of words' for his ability to pen any kind of dialogues, especially punches, that make a huge impact on audience. The short trailer of his latest film, 'Agnyaathavaasi' also has some impactful dialogues, but one particular dialogue has grabbed the attention.

Referring Pawan, when one character says - Veedu malli Cycle ekkuthadantava Varma?, the other replies - Vaadu edhi ekkina parvaledu kaani manalni ekkakunda unte chalu. This dialogue is used in the film referring to the chaos Pawan create riding a Cycle in the office, but this dialogue could have another underlying meaning too, concerning Pawan's next step in politics.

It is known that Pawan supported TDP (Symbol - Cycle) in 2014 elections. 'There is huge curiosity among fans, political analysts and common people regarding whether Pawan will support TDP (ride cycle) again, and that curiosity is expressed by the first character. The response comes from the second character, the opposition party (YSRCP - Jagan) who says that its his call to ride the cycle or not, but it would be better for us if he doesn't come after us,' - this is the implicit meaning deciphered by fans and analysts from the Cycle dialogue, which looks as a huge punch to YCP Chief Jaganohan Reddy.

Pawan's fans say that Pawan trounced YSRCP in 2014 by supporting TDP and that Jagan fears that the Jana Sena chief might do the same again by or without supporting TDP. They opine that Trivkram conveyed the prevalent political situation in AP through the Cycle dialogue. What made this dialogue look even more prominent is the camaraderie between Pawan and TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu, which is evident from the latter giving week-long permission for the screening of late night shows of the former's new film.

Speculations are strong that Trivikram has used his pen to the full effect in Agnyaathavaasi and wrote several political punches, in sync with Pawan's ideology and current political scenario in AP.