Jagan Steals KCR's Scheme That Made Him CM

Jagan Steals KCR's Scheme That Made Him CM

Plagiarism is not just confined to movies. These days it is rampant in politics too. Stealing ideas, statements, renaming the schemes and boasting it as a new scheme has become a fad in politics. And YS Jagan stands in the front row when it comes to stealing such ideas.

The latest is that Jagan Mohan Reddy has conveniently stolen KCR's 2014 poll promise of free education from KG to PG. Apart from the strong Telangana sentiment, the free education promise has influenced many voters in Telangana and played a crucial role behind making KCR as the CM. Now, Jagan is promising the same to people of AP.

Strangely, revenue-surplus Telangana with cash cow Hyderabad as capital, couldn't make the promise a reality for various reasons. Since it is practically not viable, even KCR has shifted his focus on to 24 hours power supply and free power supply to farmers of all sections.

Whereas the successor state of Andhra Pradesh is mired in financial troubles. AP is struggling to generate revenue and is already battling with debts. Despite knowing its bad state, Jagan has announced an unrealistic promise of free education only to lure voters and to gain power.

Once again Jagan has proved his greed for power and left the State's benefits to the last.