BJP Core Meet: Ignores AP, Discusses on KA

BJP Core Meet: Ignores AP, Discusses on KA

Even as the protests of TDP MPs in Parliament reached pinnacle and the state even gone into agitation mode as major political parties called for AP Bandh, BJP's leadership remains unfazed, unmoved. In fact, BJP Core team which met today has discussed about the party's poll strategy in the upcoming Karnataka elections.

It is learnt that not even a single word over the issues of AP came to the notice in the high-profile meet. It is clearly evident that how AP was totally sidelined by the BJP.

Despite having enough assurances in the AP Reorganization act, that was passed by the then Parliament in 2014, none of them were honoured by the Modi government so far which is a blot on the democracy and Parliament. At a time, when AP leaders, people are making hue and cry over the injustice meted out, the BJP is acting as if nothing is happening.

No doubt, BJP might have its own majority to run the government, but this approach of BJP to burn the boat after reaching destination certainly sends wrong signals to all political parties across the country and people across the nation. Unlike, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Modi

In fact, Modi has smartly transfixed Venkaiah Naidu, the only senior leader of BJP from AP, South, as Vice President. Thus, Venkaiah was kept out of the ongoing politics, predicting a TDP-BJP tussle. Or in a way, Modi and Amit Shah are deliberately wanting to cut ties with TDP and hence delaying justice to AP.

All said and done, what BJP needs to understand is that the people of the nation are watching it closely. The approach of TDP on the people of AP, South is going to have a lasting effect on the party's future in the South. Already, the party has no hold in South and these political acts only weakens it further.

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