Hot Topic: Congress' Fake Accounts

Hot Topic: Congress' Fake Accounts

One of the major reasons for Modi's BJP registering a historic win in the 2019 elections is the 'effect use of social media'. Realizing the role Social Media can play in campaigning their agenda, and also spreading malicious information on rivals, some parties have started leveraging it illegitimate way. The Congress is now facing accusation of 'using fake social media accounts for malicious purposes'.

On Wednesday, the BJP had lodged a police complaint against actress-turned-politician and Congress' digital communication head Divya Spandana aka Ramya for allegedly tutoring her party’s social media unit to create fake social media accounts to spread misinformation about Modi-govt and also to shore up Congress President Rahul Gandhi's popularity.

Before that, a video went viral in which Ramya was seen allegedly suggesting her party men to create multiple fake accounts.

In their complaint, BJP said that impersonating accounts is a punishable offence and that it amounts to a detrimental conspiracy. They accused Divya of abetting the massive fake accounts conspiracy to defame PM Modi's govt.

Clarifying on the same, Divya said the video had been edited out of context. In a series of tweets, she said she was only explaining the difference between bots, fake accounts and multiple accounts to her party workers.

She said many people hold multiple social media accounts and pointed out that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds multiple accounts. 'One can't label multiple accounts as fake accounts. I just told my party workers that they should have separate accounts for personal use and party-related work,' she reportedly asserted.

Besides Budget 2018, the 'Fake Social Media Accounts by Congress' is other hot topic in political circles now.

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