Right Time for TDP To Quit NDA

Right Time for TDP To Quit NDA

Given the prevailing conditions in New Delhi - the gross injustice meted out to AP and given the kinda high flak against the ruling BJP, it is apt time for the ally TDP to walk out of the NDA.

Despite five days of protests by AP MPs in Parliament, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley are repeating the same old lines without any substantial statement on when the promises would be fulfilled or when the AP Reorganization Act would be implemented.

Even after four years of power, BJP is clueless about implementing an act that was passed by both BJP and Congress in 2014.

This scenario forces TDP to quit NDA and expose the BJP's hypocrisy. Already, anger against BJP has reached its pinnacle in AP. The success of AP Bandh is a strong proof where people, merchants, workers, employees, political leaders cutting across political parties have voluntarily joined the Bandh.

As of now, the anger is only on BJP. If TDP further delays the breaking ties with BJP, the anger may even translate onto TDP. So, it is high time, Chandrababu Naidu should say 'Ram Ram' to Modi who betrayed AP literally.

People of AP are of the opinion that BJP has incurred more damage, more injustice to AP than what Congress did in 2014.

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