AP Baahubali in Parliament

AP Baahubali in Parliament

Guntur MP Galla Jayadev is being called as 'AP Baahubali' in state political circles ever since he shook the BJP high command with his authoritative speech in the Parliament. The title given to him is in reference to his satiric yet impactful dialogue - Baahubali collections are higher than the funds given to AP by the Center.

Jayadev has filled the long-persisting void of not having a representative from AP who can speak in fluent and authoritative English in the Parliament. Having completed his studies in the US, Jaydev is a businessman-turned-politician. He won as MP from Guntur contesting elections for the first time in 2014.  

His recent address, highlighting the issues of AP and demanding the fulfillment of promises made during state bifurcation, was one of the finest and powerful addresses by a leader in the Parliament history. It can be decisively said that this single speech has changed Jayadev's image in AP politics.

No Telugu leader could take the painful voice of five crore AP people to the national level until Jayadev did it. When several experienced leaders were refraining from even raising the issue of AP in the Parliament so as not to get in the bad books of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jaydev showed no fear in uttering Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Finance Minister in a firm voice during his speech on the gross injustice meted to AP.

Those who until recently considered Jayadev as just another industrialist-turned-politician, are also now calling him as the Baahubali of AP who showed the courage to highlight the injustice done by BJP govt. to AP right in the presence of Modi, while the entire nation was watching.

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