Undavalli's 'Sincere Advice' To Pawan

Undavalli's 'Sincere Advice' To Pawan

The meeting between Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan and former Congress leader Undavalli Arun Kumar assumed political significance in Andhra Pradesh politics.

The duo held one to one meeting for more than one hour in which Pawan received political tips and also suggestions from the senior leader.

Besides discussing mutual cooperation in the creation of JAC and its functioning, Undavalli gave a sincere advice to Jana Sena leader. The Congress leader told Pawan to held interaction meetings with Press persons regularly.

He told Pawan constant interaction with media people will help to understand the political developments in a right way and also help to take right decisions. Undavalli also gave some political tips to Pawan to emerge a strong political leader in the future.

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