Vijayawada Reddy Troubling YSRCP!

Vijayawada Reddy Troubling YSRCP!

YSR Congress Party has been facing a peculiar problem. Though the party suspended the senior leader Gautam Reddy from the party a month ago, the leader is still claimed as the party incharge of Vijayawada city unit.

He is also participating in TV channel debates on behalf of YSR Congress and making statements as a senior leader. He was suspended from the party for indulging in anti party activities. Gautam was instrumental in the creation of two groups in the party. The other group was headed by Vangaveti Radha.

Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy angered on Gautam for weakening the party in the highly politically sensitive Vijayawada city. Taking it serious, Jagan suspended the leader from the party.

On the request of the local leaders, Party national committee General Secretary Vijaya Sai Reddy made a statement again and clarified Gautam Reddy was no longer the party leader.

Reddy also requested TV channel heads not to invite Gautam on behalf of YSR Congress for the regular debates. The statements made by Gautam will be considered his personal.