Special Status: Nara Lokesh Missing!

Special Status: Nara Lokesh Missing!

At a time the successor state of Andhra Pradesh is going through such a tumultuous phase and a lot of significant political developments including TDP quitting from NDA government, one man who is touted to be the successor of Chandrababu is missing in action.

Nara Lokesh is no where seen expressing his opinion on the burning issue of Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh.

While TRS too openly revolting Modi and coming out in support of AP, Lokesh is the one major politician from AP who is clearly absent.

In fact, this is very crucial time for Lokesh to shine and take lead. He should lead the fight against Centre for the Special Category Status to emerge as a hero, where as Lokesh is seen no where in the near sight. While KCR and even KTR too openly vouching for an alternative political force to BJP, Congress, Lokesh is tight-lipped.

Though TDP still continues in NDA, even after so many insults to Chandrababu who has been denied Modi's appointment in the last one-and-half-year and was recently given only once for short period, it is high time TDP should walk out gracefully and expose BJP, Modi in public.

Lokesh being a young and new-age politician, he should certainly play an aggressive role while seasoned, senior-most politician Naidu is playing wait-and-watch approach. Already a lot of damage has been done to AP and also to TDP due to its alliance with BJP, even now continuing in NDA further effects the prospects of TDP in the coming general elections.