Ex Heroine Dumps TDP, Joins BJP

Ex Heroine Dumps TDP, Joins BJP

Former heroine and seasoned actress Kavitha has shocked one and all by calling it quits to TDP. What's more? Kavitha has joined the BJP taking many by shock. Kavitha has taken the primary membership of BJP in the presence of party's state unit president Hari Babu in Amaravathi. In a scathing attack on TDP,  Kavitha said she was insulted, ignored in TDP. She felt Telugu Desam thrown her out from the party.

Kavitha, who was with TDP for longtime approximately two decades, is of the opinion that she didn't get due recognition in TDP. Kavitha breathed fire on Chandrababu Naidu and alleged him of running the government, party against to the ideology, principles of the party's founder NT Rama Rao.

Amidst growing rivalry between TDP and BJP over the Special Category Status issue, Kavitha quitting the Telugu Desam party and joining BJP has become hot debate in political circuits.

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