TDP's First Response : Pawan Reads Sakshi Newspaper

TDP's First Response : Pawan Reads Sakshi Newspaper

Responding to Pawan's acerbic attack, TDP's spokesperson and senior leader Babu Rajendra Prasad has condemned Pawan's allegations. Describing Pawan's accusations as "baseless", Babu Rajendra Prasad said that TDP would strongly react to such personal attacks on its senior leadership.

Maintaining cool, composed nature, Babu Rajendra Prasad said that it was not Pawan Kalyan's words but people around him have misled him, misinformed him.

Not stopping there Babu Rajendra Prasad said that Pawan has just read out Sakshi newspaper that consciously spread "baseless rumours", "allegations" against TDP with "political motivation".

Rajendra Prasad opined that Pawan has made such strong comments in order to wipe out the image that he is the supporter of TDP and close to Chandrababu. "In rush to erase the public image of TDP supporter, Pawan has read out Sakshi news paper which spreads baseless allegations," said Babu Rajendra Prasad adding that people have trust, faith in Chandrababu who has been doing clean politics. Rajendra Prasad also said that allegations against TDP were "cooked up" by YSRCP for their "political gain".

Countering to Pawan's comments, Rajendra Prasad shot back at Pawan questioning that why was he silent all these years if TDP or Chandrababu is doing "mistakes" according to him. On the whole, Pawan's speech at Jana Sena Maha Sabha in Guntur is expected to create a stir between the supporters of TDP, Janasena.