Take Money and Vote for Janasena: Pawan

Take Money and Vote for Janasena: Pawan

In a shocking remark, Pawan Kalyan too spoke in the same tone, manner of YSRCP's Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Although general elections are far ahead, Pawan has begun his political campaign of his party at the Jana Sena Maha Sabha, the formation day of the party, held in Guntur.

"Take money from candidates who distribute. Not just Rs 2000, if possible take Rs 5000. But vote for Janasena," said Pawan.  What is striking is that YS Jagan too made similar remarks earlier during 2014 polls, Nandyal by election. Pawan's speech reminisced Jagan to many. This is not all.

Asking the people of all walks of life such as students, youth, women,senior citizens, Pawan asked everyone to vote only for Janasena in the coming elections. Pawan said that he would give tickets to young, sincere, hard working youth to contest elections from his party.

Showcasing sympathy on physically challenged people, Pawan announced to provide house, employment security and if needed a helper to physically challenged. Pawan also smartly raised the issue of his daughter, son who are Christians. Stating that he doesn't have any such favouritsm towards any caste or religion, Pawan also specially mentioned Muslim youth. He promised them of taking care of them.

With this, Pawan has sent a strong signal to all sections of people in AP to vote only for Janasena in the next general elections, stating that he is not for CM post but for people. However, one has to see whether people believe in Pawan or not.