Pawan's Die-Hard Fan Alleges on Janasena

Pawan's Die-Hard Fan Alleges on Janasena

In a first significant blow to Pawan Kalyan's Janasena from his die-hard fan and unofficial spokesperson Dileep Sunkara, a sulking Dileep in a long Facebook post stated that he will no longer be connected with Janasena Party. An upset Dileep has alleged that Pawan Kalyan's team has repeatedly "hurt" his self-respect very often by Pawan's core team. He said he would consider the last four years as a nightmare.

Dileep wrote on his FB page, "If you feel am burden for you, I'd like to clarify that I don't want to be burden for anyone. Repeatedly, statements are being made hurting my self-confidence. My ears have been paining hearing the comments that I've no connection with Janasena party. If you strongly don't want me, I'll also leave. I came alone, I fought alone and I'll leave the party alone."

This is not all. Dileep also directly expressed his angst on Pawan. "When Pawan had not condemned any of the statements of a few of his core team members and still continues them in the top posts of the party, I observe that Pawan has already conveyed his message without saying anything. I don't even want to continue as a fan of Janasena party here after," added Dileep Sunkara.

Dileep also cautioned, warned Janasena party core committee members directly. He warned that he would come onto road if anyone continues to verbally attack him or demean him. He said that he is so frustrated that he can't withstand any humiliation or insult from Janasena party core team members. Dileep demanded Janasena party to issue a press note stating that the party has no relation with him.

"If such a press-note is issued by Janasena within 48 hours, I'll never see Janasena party's face again in my life. I'll be freed from this mental torture, agony. I'll live my life. Please issue such press note and free me from the torture," said angry Dileep