Don't Underestimate Babu - Undavalli

Don't Underestimate Babu - Undavalli

For a change, Chandrababu Naidu's longtime detractor and close aide of late YS Rajasekhar Reddy Undavalli Arun Kumar has made some positive comments on Chandrababu. Stating that 67-yr-old Chandrababu Naidu is the most hard working politician, Undavalli admitted that there is no other leader in entire South India like Chandrababu who has such a great image in nation.

Citing the recent issue of Chandrababu Naidu moving the No-Confidence Motion and getting huge support from several leaders such as Mamata Banerjee, Undavalli said that national leaders see Chandrababu as an "intellectual' and a person who could shape up new Political Front against Modi.

Talking about the politics in 2019, Undavalli stated that Chandrababu could turn the tables and turn the situations in favour of him. "Chandrababu is an expert who could definitely turn the things into his advantage. He could do anything in this 1 year of time. May be, he may come to power again in 2019. He has the ability to make people believe that only with his support, the United Front could come to power at the Centre and do justice to AP."

Undavalli also opined that Narendra Modi-led BJP may not comeback to power in 2019. He assessed, "If people are fortunate, BJP across India may get only 100-odd MP seats in 2019. While BJP is losing its sheen in North, it has no existence in South." He predicted that Congress along with its allies will come back to power in 2019.

Differentiating BJP and Congress, Undavalli said, "People by now have understood that Congress could actually deliver. Unlike in BJP ruling, people need not suffer to get their own money from Banks, ATMs. Instead of failing to deliver the promise of bringing back black money from Switzerland, the Union Govt today is keeping restrictions on withdrawal of our own money. We've never seen like this before and I hope we'll never see such thing in future. Congress may have faced Corruption charges, allegations, but still it is the grand old party that could really run the nation. It has been proved several times."