Karnataka : Sai Kumar Loses, BJP Wins

Karnataka : Sai Kumar Loses, BJP Wins

Despite a landslide victory for BJP with a perfect combination of Narendra Modi, Yeddyurappa, Amit Shah and Gali team, actor Sai Kumar has lost badly in Bagepalli constituency where the majority voters of the constituency are Telugus.

Sai Kumar failed to take advantage of huge BJP wave riding in the Karnataka. At 11 AM today, while BJP is all set to win 120 seats and Congress decimated with leading only 60 and JD(S) is standing at 40 and independents are leading in 2 seats.

Bagepalli is the native constituency of Sai Kumar's mother. However, Sai Kumar has been residing in Hyderabad. Though Sai Kumar had promised to shift to Bagepalli after elections, people seems to have not voted for Sai Kumar. Since the constituency is dominated by Reddy community in the constituency, it also worked against Sai Kumar. As we had rightly opined earlier that it is not easy, Sai couldn't overcome the odds against him.

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