Karnataka : Results Out, Big Political Drama On

Karnataka : Results Out, Big Political Drama On

As results are out in Karnataka where BJP won 104, Congress won 78, JD(S) won 37 and others won 3, huge political drama is unfolding in Karnataka. With no party achieved the magic figure, the political equations are changing rapidly. In a significant step, Congress and JD(S) are going to meet Governor today evening and stake claim to form the next government in Karnataka. Congress wants to inform Governor that it will extend its support to JD(S) and would ask him to invite them to form the government.

Apparently, Sonia Gandhi had telephoned Deve Gowda and even Congress senior leaders are in continuous talks with the JD(S). Congress said to have offered unconditional support to the JD(S), and even stated that it would only support JD(S) from outside the government. Buzz is both Kumaraswamy and Deve Gowda are impressed with Congress' proposal, however, JD(S) is seeking Congress to be part of the government. Congress is likely to take its final call on joining the government or not.

While Congress is confident of stopping BJP by supporting JD(S), BJP is also equally confident of proving its majority. At the same time, BJP is also planning to meet the Governor today evening and may seek chance to prove its majority to form the next government.

Given that BJP is the single largest party in Karnataka, it is buzzed that Governor may invite BJP first to prove its numbers. Only after BJP fails to prove its majority, Governor may ask the second-largest party Congress to prove its majority. Looks like, it is not easy for both Congress and BJP to claim the throne of Karnataka.

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