Kumaraswamy Denied Entry Into Raj Bhavan

Kumaraswamy Denied Entry Into Raj Bhavan

A huge political drama is unfolding in Karnataka. While JD(S) legislature party leader Kumaraswamy, who has the backing of Congress, is mounting pressure on Governor Vajubhai Vala to invite him to form the government, the Governor seems to be seeking more time.

On the contrary, BS Yeddyurappa has escalated his efforts to woo the MLAs of Congress and JD(S) to switch loyalties and thus support his candidature as the CM. Wary Congress and JD(S) have safely protecting their MLAs in order to avoid any poaching from Yeddyurappa team.

As the clock is ticking, Kumaraswamy along with the MLAs of Congress and his own JD(S) have brought them to Raj Bhavan in a special bus to parade in front of the Governor to showcase his support. However, shockingly, Kumaraswamy is denied entry into Raj Bhavan. This is raising several serious concerns from several corners.

Even as per the Supreme Court's verdict in Bihar President's rule case, Governor has no option but to invite any party or alliance to form the government once it is proved to have majority support in Assembly.

Amidst this, Kumaraswamy is also making his moves rapidly and is seeking opinion of legal experts to mount pressure on Governor.

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