Yeddyurappa Invited To Form Govt: BJP Tweets & Deletes

Yeddyurappa Invited To Form Govt: BJP Tweets & Deletes

Creating a storm Karnataka BJP's tweet claimed that Governor Vajubhai Vala has invited the single largest party BJP to form the government in the state. As per the tweet, Vajubhai has invited BS Yeddyurappa to form the next government and Yeddyurappa would sworn in as the CM tomorrow (May 17, 2018), Thursday. However, the tweet was deleted within minutes. Even as the communique from Governor is still awaited, Karnataka BJP's tweet has stirred a storm.

Media reports indicate that Governor's decision would be made public soon. Several media reports stated that Yeddyurappa would take oath tomorrow and he would be given time till May 29th to prove the strength. Though an official confirmation from Governor is awaited, reports say that it is likely that Yeddyurappa would be invited to form the next government since he is the leader of the legislature party of the BJP that emerged as the single largest party.

If reports turn out to be true, it will be a major blow to to Kumaraswamy who has backing of Congress and has the majority to form the government due to post-poll alliance.

The people of Karnataka earlier gave a split verdict. Neither BJP nor Congress nor JD(S) have got numbers to form the government. While BJP got 104 seats, Congress won in 78, JD(S) won in 38 and others in 2 seats. Since any party needs magic figure of 112 since elections were held only in 222 constituencies out of total 224, BJP is still short of 8 MLAs.

While BJP claims to have the support of 4 MLAs from Congress, it still needs to get four more MLAs. Hence, it has become crucial how BJP will get these numbers. If Governor decides in favour of Yeddyurappa, huge uproar from JD(S) and Congress is expected since it will be considered as against to the previous precedents set in Goa, Manipur and Meghalaya where the largest coalition is invited to form the government.

As of now tension continues with huge flak from opposition parties and several sections of people, it needs to be seen what will be the Governor's decision.

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