Pawan's Shocking Comments on K'taka

Pawan's Shocking Comments on K'taka

Even as political pundits and legal experts are breaking their heads over the developments in Karnataka and Governor Vajubhai's decision to invite Yeddyurappa as the CM, Pawan Kalyan's fresh comments come as a huge surprise to many rational people as his remarks defy logic.

Claiming that he is aware of this much before, Pawan said he knew that BJP would come to power in Karnataka. What's more? Further to his claim, Pawan said BJP would come to power in Karnataka even if it had got just 85 seats and JD(S) got 40 seats. This is certainly a shocking analysis from PK.

Pawan said he had come to this understanding after speaking to his "sources" in Karnataka who told him that BJP would come to power in the state. He said the above example of 85 for BJP and 40 for JD(S) was given by them.

When media asked Pawan whether this is right or wrong, Pawan passed the buck by generalising, "everyone has mistakes." He added saying the democratic practices have been diluted over the decades and said that what is happening Karnataka is another example. Janasena chief said, "Not only BJP, TDP and YSRCP also doing this." He concluded saying he would want to put an end to this horse-trading of MLAs and want to end such politics.

Janasena Porata Yatra From May 20

Meanwhile, Pawan announced his Bus Yatra titled as 'Janasena Porata Yatra' which will begin from 20th of this month. He is beginning the yatra from Ichapuram in Srikakulam and will continue it for 45 days.

Surprisingly, in a word, Pawan expressed his angst against Centre saying it is unfortunate that the Centre didn't keep its promise of the Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh and other promises. He said the Uttarandhra was not developed and expressed his sad over its under development.