Why Prakash Raj Wants BJP Mukt Bharat?

Why Prakash Raj Wants BJP Mukt Bharat?

Thumping popularity as talented film actor in five states, well known face even for the Bollywood audience, proficient speaker in six languages, voracious reader, prolific writer, caretaker of Kondareddypalli village in Telangana State and last but not the least 2.2 Million followers on twitter- this forms the gigantic image of Prakash Raj.

Right now, Prakash Raj is more famous for representing the politics in his birth state Karnataka.

He has first made bold open statements earlier, lamenting about the death of writer Gowri Lankesh who was allegedly assassinated by right fundamentalists. Since then, his tongue turned more sharper against BJP and his fingers never relaxed from tweeting against the politics in BJP ruled states. He has an agenda for sure and that seems to see BJP-Mukt Bharat.

Why did he develop hatred on right fundamentalists? Is it only because of the assassination of his dear friend Gowri? Some insiders say that there is something more to this. They say, Karnataka is a state where the atheistic and humanist literature was flourished and patronized more than that of many other states. Prakash Raj's exposure to such literature, the concerned writers and their influence on him formed his political ideology.

On a whole, he made a firm impact in Karnataka politics with his recent campaigning, in a far better way than what Kamala Hassan and Rajni Kanth have made in Tamilnadu so far.

One may be liked by some and disliked by many, but he needs to take a path irrespective of looking behind to know how many are following him. Prakash Raj seems to be moving with such conviction and that makes him a stronger leader down the line.