Sr Leader Motkupalli Expelled From TDP

Sr Leader Motkupalli Expelled From TDP

Taking a disciplinary action against senior leader from Telangana TDP, T-TDP president L Ramana announced today that the party has expelled Motkupalli Narasimhulu from the party. This is in connection with his serious comments against party chief Chandrababu Naidu and party leaders. The decision has been announced at the ongoing Mahanadu.

Although the party, had been silent over Motkupalli for a while, the senior leader upped his ante against Naidu. His fresh comments against Naidu today at NTR Ghat had not gone down well with the party leaders and cadre.

Earlier, Motkupalli had leveled serious allegations against Naidu crying that he had ignored him totally. He said he had been trying to get the appointment of Chandrababu for the past 3 years but he said he is failing to get.

It all began with when Motkupalli had called media and demanded Naidu to merge the Telangana-unit of TDP with the ruling TRS. Although Motkupalli retracted his words, the damage had been done already. Even when Naidu had met Telangana leaders of the party, Motkupalli didn't make it. Following this, Motkupalli was not invited to Mahanadu which further widened the gap between Motkupalli and TDP.

Finally, Motkupalli, who was once very close to party founder NTR, was ousted from the party today. Of late, Motkupalli had been praising KCR. Let's wait and see, what will be Motkupalli's reaction and future course of action.