No Visa Or Passport If NRIs Don't Register Marriages In 48 Hrs

No Visa Or Passport If NRIs Don't Register Marriages In 48 Hrs

Union Minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi announced that all NRI marriages which are solemnised in India must be registered within 48 hours of wedding. NRIs who fail to register their marriages within the prescribed time will not be issued a Visa or passport, as per Maneka Gandhi.

Maneka's new diktat comes as a sudden surprise as there has been no time frame for registering marriages in India till date. Recently, the Law Commission issued a report, recommending that the time limit to register marriages should be restricted to 30 days after which a penalty of Rs 5 per day could be imposed.

The Women And Child Development Ministry will soon issue orders to all the registrars, instructing them to provide details of NRI marriages to the ministry for setting up of a central database. Furthermore, the ministry, in a joint collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs and Law and Justice, has set up an Integrated Nodal Agency (INA) to matrimonial disputes involving NRI couples.

The ministry recently issued 6 lookout notices and even got the passports of 5 NRI husbands revoked by the Ministry of External Affairs. All the ministries will keep a strict vigil on the arrival or departure of NRI husbands to prevent them from leaving India after being involved in marital disputes with their wives.

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