Satires On Posani's 'Kamma' Ideology

Satires On Posani's 'Kamma' Ideology

Other day writer-actor Posani Krishnamurali has taken to a special press meet to blast Chandrababu Naidu and gave many pieces of advice to others. Involving his own Kamma community, he made some interesting remarks. What has social media to say about them?

"I'll give my daughter to a Kamma guy, but only to a Kamma bridegroom with good habits, good job and good money, good education. I won't give my daughter to any Kamma boy. Similarly, vote for a good politician with a character, but not to a guy like Chandrababu thinking that he's from your caste" added Posani. Is this ideology correct anyway?

"When caste system in itself is a wrong thing and whole of educated India is trying to blur the lines, advising the ideas like good Kamma and bad Kamma is the worst thing to do" opined many on the social media. They say that a celebrity like Posani should make healthy remarks and shouldn't himself limit to speaking crass things.

An FB user pointed: "Despite being Kammas, many celebs like Manchu kids, Jagapathi Babu's daughter, Ashwini Dutt's Daughters, Raghavendra Rao's son and others married people outside from their community. If someone has guts, they need to talk about that. But thinking that Kammas are always voting for Kammas is a foolish thing on Posani's part. Like all other castes people, Kammas are there in TDP, YSR C, Congress and former PRP also".

Looks like Posani has a major foot in mouth moment other day with his community based remarks.