Ashtha Digbandhanam - How Did Naidu Retaliate?

Ashtha Digbandhanam - How Did Naidu Retaliate?

Undeniably, Chandrababu Naidu is waging a tough battle - probably one of the most toughest battles - in his long political career spanning over 4 decades. The seasoned politician is being cornered by all negative forces BJP, YSR Congress and Janasena apart from individuals at the behest of the Saffron party.

Ever since Naidu quit the government by withdrawing his ministers from Union Cabinet and subsequently quit NDA to mount pressure on Modi, things started to become worse. This have further escalated with his decision to move No Confidence Motion that in turn brought all the opposition parties together against Modi's anti-people policies.

In between, Naidu too received a huge shock in form of revolt of Pawan Kalyan, his former ally whose volte-face indicated clear political witch-hunt. Pawan's severe attacks lacked substance and turned out to be pure drama without any logic.

With even Pawan failing to take on Naidu, BJP's top brass has blown up the TTD issue and yet again cornered Naidu alleging his political involvement in the board. This issue has caught the attention of national media and has blown out of the proportion, but even it fizzled out with serious reaction of the TTD which initiated action against baseless allegations.

Going against to their own policy, Kanna Lakshminarayana, the former Congress minister in YSR's cabinet, has been made as the BJP state chief taking many by surprise. The move even brought a revolt within the party initially. Post this, the huge setback of Karnataka and by-election results have pushed BJP into further desperate situation to corner Naidu who is playing a pivotal role in national politics and gathering parties against Modi.

Mothkupalli Narasimhulu's meeting with Mudragada Padmanabham also raised several eyeballs in AP's political spectrum. Even IAS officer IYR Krishna Rao and IPS officer and former JD Lakshmi Narayana have been roped in to counter Naidu, little did they do any political harm to Naidu.

All these efforts couldn't even shake the TDP that is strong in AP right from the grassroots. Naidu's Dharma Porata Deeksha in Tirupati, Amaravati and Vizag have timely countered the BJP and its allied parties who has a 'secret pact'. His Nava Nirmana Deeksha raised hopes among people.

Nonetheless BJP's own leaders admitted that Naidu is a tough nut and shocked the BJP's top leadership with his exit much before than the expected. By that time BJP realized what was coming from Naidu, he had pulled out his ministers, quit NDA, introduced No Trust Motion, joined Opposition parties, instrumental in forming a new platform for anti-Modi and Deekshas to expose BJP. Naidu literally made BJP breathless with his shock-by-shock steps and successfully turned public mood which is crucial for any political party.

Naidu has a knack over gauging public pulse. This he has proved once again by turning the wave against Modi. He strongly retaliated all the mischievous attempts of BJP and all his rivals. Of course, in this war, people have taken Naidu's side which is his strength.

While BJP hasn't given up its hopes on AP yet and none other than Modi summoned Kanna to increase attack on Naidu, many untoward events from BJP & gang is expected. Naidu should strengthen his Armour & Weapons to take on the impending War with Modi and Shah.

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