#Polavaram: 'AP Govt Paying Rs 400 Cr as Interest'

#Polavaram: 'AP Govt Paying Rs 400 Cr as Interest'

In a strong counter to BJP leaders Purandheswari, Kanna, GVL Narasimha Rao, Irrigation Minister Devineni Uma has rubbished the allegations of BJP leaders that the Centre is giving necessary funds to complete Polavaram National Irrigation project.

Uma shot back saying that the centre is not disbursing the funds on time and hence the state government has taken loans to fasten the works of Polavaram. Uma said that AP state government is paying a whopping Rs 400 Crore for the interests for the loans it took for Polavaram.

He said CM Chandrababu Naidu has marked every Monday as 'Polavaram Day' in his calendar and has been working on the project and is very closely monitoring and following up things related to Polavaram.

Challenging the BJP leaders Uma said, "There are 16 other national irrigation projects going on across the country. Is there any one project like Polavaram which has been completed at rapid pace with great quality? I ask you to visit those projects before taking claim for the development of Polavaram."

Uma said there is no other hard-working Chief Minister like Chandrababu Naidu in the entire country. Uma said Purandeswari, Kanna and GVL have no rights to claim Polavaram as Modi's achievement.

"People who all had done Sonia Gandhi Japam earlier are today doing Modi Japam," Uma shot back at Purandeswari, Kanna. Uma added, "Where are these people have come from into BJP?"

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