Naga Babu Blasts Kathi Mahesh

Naga Babu Blasts Kathi Mahesh

Kathi Mahesh's controversial remarks on Hindu God Lord Rama has kicked up a huge uproar among the devotees and followers of the God. The latest to raise the strong voice against Kathi in the issue is actor and Mega producer Naga Babu who vented out his anger against the controversial critic.

Explaining his background and his childhood memoirs and how his father has been an aficionado of Lords Rama, Hanuman and Goddess Sita, Naga Babu said he has an emotional connect with Lord Rama and he can't tolerate such harsh comments against the God.

Alleging that a planned, orchestrated attack/destructionµ of Hinduism is being done by a section of non-believers, atheists, Naga Babu said he doesn't even want to utter the name of the individual and demanded a severe punishment for him for the "crime" he had done. Naga Babu has demanded the both Chief Ministers KCR and Chandrababu Naidu to not let go the matter and demanded a stringent action against Kathi for his demeaning, distasteful comments on Lord Rama.

Naga Babu cautioned Chandrababu and KCR that it would be a grave, historic mistake if they don't address it properly. Stating that he is a "Secular Hindu", Naga Babu self-proclaimed that he doesn't belong to VHP or Bhajrang Dal or RSS or BJP. He said it is equally wrong to make any such insulting comments against Quran or Bible. Naga Babu said Ramayana is not a tale or a story or an epic, he said it is much more and very close to the hearts of all Hindus. He said Ramayana or Mahabharat or Bhagavadigita or Bhagavat are all sacred to Hindus and anyone who makes belittling comments against them should be severely punished.

A visibly angry and tempered Naga Babu has posted his video online. He cautioned the governments, judiciary and the police department that if necessary action is not taken, people would take the law into their hands and once people take it into their hands, he said no one can control or stop it as it would be beyond control.

Naga Babu also took dig at some media houses alleging that majority of media is favouring anti-Hinduism and is causing "hatred" against the religion. He extended his full support to Swami Paripoornanda. Naga Babu said he is not a "Matha Pichonni", but said he is a Hindu and Kathi's comments have severely hurt him.

Naga Babu on parting note asked both the state governments to immediately take up the issue very seriously and asked the culprit to give a stringent punishment. Naga Babu's video is being widely shared as he happens to be the first film personality to comment on Kathi's belittling comments on Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Ravana.

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