Pawan Kalyan's Immaturity At Peaks

Sabbam Hari always call a spade a spade. The senior politician from Uttar Andhra and former Congress MP who never minces his words has now blasted Pawan Kalyan who is touring Uttar Andhra region. Sabbam said Pawan Kalyan's words are "amateurish" and exposes his political "immaturity". Hari also said people who thought Pawan Kalyan as Medhavi would left shell-shocked and disappointed.

Referring to Pawan's recent comments that an entrepreneur from UK whom he had met in Airport's Departure had dropped his plan to invest in AP owing to the local politics, Hari said Pawan should rather reveal the name of the entrepreneur such as Jindal or Obulapuram Gali Janardhan Reddy to add credibility to his statement. Hari said Pawan is becoming "laughing stock" unknowingly.

Countering Pawan's claims, Sabbam Hari made it clear that no International Airport has same Arrival and Departure point. Hari said no where in the world has such kinda provision. He said Arrivals have to be 30 minutes prior and departure would take 30 minutes to exit and have always two separate ways and he said hence it wouldn't be possible.