'Madam Speaker', Galla Jayadev Nails It in Parliament

In a crucial discussion on the No-Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha, TDP MP Galla Jayadev has delivered a stentorian speech over the betrayal to the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh. Guntur MP and the vice-chairman of Amar Raja Group Jayadev thoroughly nailed it with a well-thought, well-prepared, well-written speech. From facts to figures to percentages to drawing analogies to the choice of words, phrases, idioms and rhetoric, Jayadev's one-hour-long speech has it all. The extensive speech targeted both BJP & Congress for its injustice to the truncated state. Even as TRS members opposed, protested and tried to disrupt Galla's speech over his remarks on the AP Reorganization Bill 2014, cool and composed Jayadev managed to complete the speech. Thus, the purpose of AP has been served today where the state rightly voiced its opinion in the Parliament which is watched by the entire nation.

Takeaways from Jayadev's Impressive Speech

Bharat Ane Nenu Analogy

Industrialist, MP Galla Jayadev, who has spent better part of his life in the US, has raised cinematic analogy during his speech. Jayadev drew the analogy between the Unfulfilled Promises of the BJP-led NDA to AP and Mahesh Babu-starrer Bharat Ane Nenu where the protagonist, an Oxford graduate, gives up his academic career abroad, returns to India to reform the politics and fulfill the promises of his father after his death. "Trust is a recurring theme in the movie," said Galla Jayadev adding that Modi regime is full of "empty promises" and that Modi has betrayed the trust of the five crore people of AP.

New State With Old Name - Old State With New Name

Stating that it is not the Telangana which is the new state, Jayadev said it is AP which is the new state. "Telangana is the Old State with New Name. AP is the New State with Old Name. It is AP which needs to built a new capital city. It is AP which paid hefty cost and is facing several challenges after the division," said Jayadev. Jayadev brought in comparison and contrast of AP with Telangana state and how AP has been loser. Jayadev said AP had huge hope on Mr Modi and the newly formed Government, but it was all lost due to its unfulfilled promises. Jayadev said that's why there is a trust-deficit on Modi regime among the 5.5 Crore people of AP.

Statues Getting More Funding Than AP Capital

Throughout his speech, Jayadev raised several valid points, mentioned how the funds are being given to other states and how AP has been totally ignored. Chatrapathi Shivaji statue in Maharashtra and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue in Gujarat were given more funds than the funds given to AP Capital City Amaravati. He said Shivaji's statue would cost Rs 2500 Crore and Sardar Vallabhbhai's statue would cost Rs 3000 Crore. And AP Capital city were given Rs 1500 Crore that too for under-ground drainage system, said Galla. He said he is not saying don't give funds to other states, but he said all AP is asking is to give the due funds to the deficit state to build a capital city.

Dholera City

Jayadev raised Dholera City, which is proposed to be 6 times of Shanghai, is being allotted more funds and why AP can't built its capital Amaravati in 33,000 acres. In first of its kind, he said 30,000 AP farmers have voluntarily given their lands for capital city in the trust of the Government of India. Jayadev alleged the Govt. of India has done "nothing" to the farmers.

Jayadev recalled Modi's words in Tirupati, Visakhapatnam, Amaravati where he had promised a world-class capital city to Andhra Pradesh that is twice bigger than Delhi. Jayadev reminisced that nonetheless Modi had asked CM Chandrababu Naidu to visit Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan to built such capital city in Amaravati.

Budget Allocation To AP Less Than Baahubali Collections

Jayadev reiterated what he had said during the last Budget Session of the Parliament. Jayadev recalled the words saying that AP was allocated meagre Rs 1800 Crore funds and that was far lesser than what Baahubali movie has collected. Jayadev ridiculed Modi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for not doing any justice to AP. Galla asked Arun Jaitley and Modi to at least look into the woes of AP and do proper justice to the new state.

Centre Mandated To Give To AP

Jayadev said what Centre had given to AP was Rs 13,000-Crore odd and it was mandated to give to AP under the AP Reorganization Act. He said the Centre hasn't given anything additional or hasn't treated AP in special way at all. Galla went onto target Arun Jaitley and Modi all the way for doing gross injustice.

AP Third Best State in Providing UCs

Quashing the allegations of BJP's AP leaders and YCP leaders, Jayadev made it clear that AP has provided UCs on time and has provided the UCs for the expenditure it has spent. Jayadev said, AP has provided UCs for the more than the Centre had delivered. Jayadev noted that AP is the Third Best State in the country in providing the Utility Certificates.

Only 2 Percent Funds Delivered

Galla Jayadev said the Centre has given only 2 to 3 percent of the required funds to AP. He said the Govt claiming that it has completely delivered 100 percent is "shame" on its part. Jayadev said "shame" on Modi's part and his government to make false claims.

PS : On the whole, Galla Jayadev nailed it with his impressive, flawless speech. Jayadev has dared Modi and used very strong words against Modi. TDP's strategy in Lok Sabha has worked very well and it projected itself as the Champion of Andhra Pradesh in the Parliament. This is historic.