Finally, Manmohan Singh Attacks Modi over Status

Finally, Manmohan Singh Attacks Modi over Status

While the debate on Special Category Status is mounting and Parliament is agog with the debates on AP bifurcation, nonetheless former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has responded on the issue. His much-awaited speech over the bifurcation issues of AP has been witnessed today. In a direct attack, Manmohan said he had expected that his successor Narendra Modi to fulfill his commitment on Special Category Status (SCS) to Andhra Pradesh as it was a promise made by him only after consulting the BJP leaders.

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Manmohan said he had made a "solemn commitment" on the floor of the House as prime minister of India on February 20, 2014.

The assurance on the SCS to the "successor state" of Andhra Pradesh was given only after discussing the issue with Arun Jaitley, then leader of the opposition and present Finance Minister, and other senior BJP leaders, Manmohan Singh said.

"Commitments made on the floor of the House are to be honoured and fulfilled. They are in the nature of an assurance on behalf of Parliament. I expected my distinguished successor to fulfil the commitment I had made after consultation with his own colleagues," Manmohan said.

With none other than former PM and one of India's reputed finance ministers and renowned economist Manmohan Singh had attacked Modi over his unkept promises to AP including the Special Category Status, BJP is now on defense mode. Looks like, BJP is now looking for excuses to cover up its gross mistakes and blatant lies. Even the excuses such as 14th Finance Commission recommendations may not now withstand in people's court since Manmohan had made it clear.

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