Jagan's Selfie with Heroine: Pawan Fans Make It Viral

Jagan's Selfie with Heroine: Pawan Fans Make It Viral

The ongoing war between Jagan's social media wing and Pawan's social army is taking many shapes. After Jagan's heated comments on Pawan's marital life invited the anger of his fans, PK's fans have started the mud-slinging against Jagan by dragging his old photos.

Latest is Jagan's selfie with an actress and small-time heroine Alekhya Angel which was made viral by widely sharing online. PK's fans indicated that Jagan was moving close with the starlet leading to unwanted rumours.

Going into details, the selfie was taken by the actress at Jagan's residence-cum-office Lotus Pond during the launch of a CD on Feb 18, 2017. As rumours spread wildfire, the actress came to fore to condemn them. She made it clear that there is nothing between Jagan and her. She described him as her elder brother. She made an appeal to all Pawan Kalyan fans to not drag her into the issue. Alekhya Angel has claimed that she is fan of Pawan Kalyan's acting and hence asked his fans not to pull her in the issue. She asked the fans of Pawan whether they would treat their own sisters like this. She requested all Pawan fans to not circulate her pics with Jagan and even asked them to delete their posts.

Once the damage is done, it's done. And no one would delete such posts online. An innocent like Alekhya has paid a price for just taking a selfie with Jagan.

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