Story behind Karunanidhi's black glasses

Story behind Karunanidhi's black glasses

Kalaingar Karunanidhi has not just made a mark with his politics in Tamil Nadu, but his stylish black spectacles also grabbed attention of everyone. The DMK has been using black glasses for almost 46 years now and his white attire with black specs has created a new trend in Tamil Nadu.

Has anyone know why Karunanidhi used to always put on those black glasses? - it is because the writer turned politician got injured in the eye during 1960s and since then, he's continuously using it on doctors recommendation. This information was divulged by one of the senior DMK leader Ilangovan.

Only last year, Karunanidhi has an end to put black shades and started sporting white goggles. The Vijaya Eye Hospital in Chennai has confirmed that those eye glasses were imported from Germany. Co-incidentally, Karunanidhi's close friend & AIADMK founder MGR also used to wear black glasses.

Both the leaders have created a brand image for black glasses in Tamil Nadu.

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