Once Again, Galla Shines In Parliament

Once Again, Galla Shines In Parliament

The firebrand leader of TDP and Guntur MP, Galla Jayadev has again fired a salvo at BJP government in the Parliament House today.

While voicing out the rightful demands of Andhra people, the Telugu Desham MPs said that central government has utterly failed in fulfilling the promises made in AP reorganization act. MP Galla Jayadev has said that 'AP has been pushed into loss with an unlawful division' and demanded centre to extent the industrial development scheme for North Eastern states to Andhra as well. AP needs tax exemptions and financial aid from centre, similar to the north eastern states of country.

 'In the past, Central government promised tax exemptions and industrial assistance to the state, but they are yet to implement them. Due to the Goods and Services tax (GST), Andhra Pradesh is losing 2600 Cr to centre every year, but we did not even get a single paisa so far,' said the Guntur MP.

Finally, he demanded to do justice for AP by implementing all the promises made in the AP Reorganization Act. Speaking on the GST, the MP said that there should be just 5% GST on Real Estate and sought tax exemption on daily house needs like chilli and curcumn.

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