Modi and Shah bowled over by KCR's googly?

Modi and Shah bowled over by KCR's googly?

The BJP-led NDA government has a certain mechanism in functioning and oversee the requirements of the states. Nevertheless, the BJP top brass usually discusses with the state BJP leaders before taking a decision or implementing any idea.

This is what has been happening in Andhra Pradesh, when certain significant issues pertaining to the state came for debate. The state BJP leaders are summoned to Delhi to discuss over the burning issues, and later the BJP deftly passes the buck. And this has been the plight of various non-BJP states in the country.

Contrary to this, the BJP has been showing soft corner to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, of late. This has become a debate among the BJP leaders in both the Telugu states. The Centre not only sought the help of Chief Minister KCR but also assured to fulfill the demands of the state in one go. Neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor BJP chief Amit Shah had sought the opinion of the BJP leaders in Telangana before okaying the list of demands from KCR.

It seems that Modi and Shah might have been bowled over by the oratory skills of KCR.

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