Kadapa Woman Throws Shoe on Minister's Car

Kadapa Woman Throws Shoe on Minister's Car

Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hedge has faced the anger and ire of  the people in Kadapa district. Hedge, who was in Kadapa to participate in an official program by the Postal Department, was shocked by the angry protesters.

People protesting against the severe delay in setting up of Kadapa Steel Plant and the Centre going back and forth on it, a team of protesters have obstructed the Hedge's convoy and raised slogans against Modi and his government. Police have taken several protesters into custody and that's when a verbal war between protesters and cops took place. Due to lack of women police force at the moment, male police officers tried to take the women protesters into custody resulting in a jolt.

As situation was getting out of control, Hegde has wrapped up quickly and left the spot. That's when an angry woman protester threw a shoe/chappal at Hedge's vehicle. The protesters throughout have demanded for the Kadapa Steel Plant that was promised in the AP Reorganization Act 2014. While many in the Union Government have stated that it would be a reality, later they have changed words claiming that it wouldn't be possible.

The Rayalaseema Communist Party (RCP) has been doing protests for the Kadapa Steel Plant for over 365 days. On the whole, it was a bad experience to Union Minister. The incident has yet again shown how much the people of Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema were upset, anger with the Centre.

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