Red Revolution & Postcards: Janasena's New Strategies

Red Revolution & Postcards: Janasena's New Strategies

It looks like Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is hell-bent on carving a niche for his party in Andhra politics. For the last few months, Pawan has been extensively touring across the state as part of his Porata Yatra. And now, his party leaders are coming up with innovative plans to counter Chandrababu government.

In the process, Janasena's leader from Nidadavol Kasturi Satya Prasad Nani has come up with the innovative Red Revolution protest campaign. Through the Red Revolution campaign, Nani encouraged all the Nidadavol residents to paint the town walls red and write their long-pending issues in white letters. The issues are addressed to AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu. The campaign generated a decent buzz locally.

And later came the postcard protest. Janasena leaders from Nidadavol and surrounding areas sent more than 10,000 postcards to Chandrababu, listing out some of the major issues plaguing the region. Bad roads, mosquito menace and poor sanitation were the prominent issues that were brought to Babu's notice. Apparently, Pawan Kalyan had appreciated his partymen for coming up with such innovative froms of protest.

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