Sai Kumar Reasons His Failure in Karnataka Election

Sai Kumar Reasons His Failure in Karnataka Election

Actor-politician Sai Kumar had recently tasted debacle in Karnataka election where he had contested from Bagepalli Assembly constituency. What was shocking is Sai Kumar had even failed to get the deposit in Bagepalli where Telugu population is dominant.

Reasoning his failure in the election, Sai Kumar said people have not believed in him. He said he is a true patriot and firm believer in the national ideology and hence he likes the ideology of the BJP. Sai Kumar also commented about the division of Andhra Pradesh. He said AP is developing after the division. Sai Kumar, who was in Vijayawada to attend a wedding, cited the development of the city after the bifurcation.

Talking about politics, Sai Kumar said he doesn't have any 'enemies' in politics and said he only has 'opponents'. He said Venkaiah Naidu had told him the above and he said he believe in the same.

Talking about his career, Sai Kumar said he is quite busy with films and said his voice is what got him recognition and fame. He credited his voice for what he has achieved in life and where he is now. He also said his son Aadi is doing three films.

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