Babu kicks off T-TDP's election fight

Babu kicks off T-TDP's election fight

The Telugu Desam Party and its chief N Chandrababu Naidu has officially begun the fight for coming election in Telangana, as KCR has officially dissolved the first assembly of state earlier this week. On Saturday, amid the reports that TDP and Congress parties could form an alliance in Telangana, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is in Hyderabad today and held a meeting with his party leaders about the agenda and action plan for the polls.

T-TDP leaders Devendar Goud, Ravula, L Ramana, Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, K Dayakar Reddy, Peddhi Reddy, Nama Nageshwar and others joined the meeting with Chandrababu Naidu to brief on the party's potential in Telangana.

The Telugu Desam leaders notified Babu that party still holds a decent vote bank in many assembly constituencies. 'In around 20 seats, party commands 35 percent of vote share and in other 20 constituencies, TDP can grab 32% of votes,' is what Telugu Desham leaders have reportedly informed their leader.

Speaking at the NTR trust Bhavan, Babu said 'TDP karyakartas' are party's biggest strength in Telangana. Highlighting the achievements and projects taken up by the Telugu Desam party in Hyderabad during his term, Naidu said his experience of developing Hyderabad as a global city is now helping him in building the new capital 'Amaravati'.

Speaking to the party supporters gathered at NTR Bhavan, Babu said it is under his leadership all the global companies have landed in Hyderabad. 'In the interest of coming generations and their future, I've been demanding & fighting with NDA for equal justice to both Telangana & AP,' he further said and majorly attacked BJP on various issues including demonetization, GST issues, beef ban, triple talaq and rise in fuel prices.

Finally, the party chief iterated that TDP will never stop fighting for people of Telangana. However, he did not comment on the much debated partnership with Congress and also, he made no remarks on KCR and TRS.

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