At Any Cost KCR Wants To Defeat Them

At Any Cost KCR Wants To Defeat Them

According to certain rumours doing rounds in Nalgonda Political Circles is that the 'Pink Boss' Kalvakuntla Chandrsekhar Rao is likely to sacrifice a big fish like Gutta Sekhender Reddy, by making the former Member of Parliament from Nalgonda to contest against Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president Uttam Kumar Reddy!

It is being said that the former Chief Minister of Telangana, who did not confirm a contestant for the Huzurnagar seat, might ask a political veteran like Gutta to take on Uttam.

Interestingly, there are two theories that are doing rounds on this issue: First being, by fielding a strong leader at Huzurnagar, KCR would look to tie-down the PCC Chief more to his Constituency leaving less scope for him to travel across Telangana and campaign!

The other theory doing rounds is, KCR wants biggies in the Party to be tested to the maximum before they return to the State Assembly post Elections. But, the Voters in the unified Nalgonda district feel that KCR's strategy to field Gutta against Uttam (if that happens) might backfire. And it would be interesting to see if a seasoned politician like Gutta will agree to take such a decision.

Similarly, KCR not confirming a name for Kodad Constituency too is leading to political speculation that a senior Telugu Desam Party leader in the Constituency is likely to jump into TRS and may be fielded against Padmavathi Uttam Kumar Reddy.

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